This website is intended to help Māori land owners and managers find out more about the physical characteristics, constraints and potential of their whenua Māori.

Please watch our video, co-created with Te Puni Kōkiri, that helps to explain how to use the Whenua Māori Visualisation Tool.

Using the Website

There are three ways to find and query your Māori land blocks:

Once you click on a land block a map bubble will provide some basic information about the selected land block. If this is the land block you wish to query in detail then click on the “more details” link at the bottom of the map bubble.

Using the Map

The map is the key way to locate land blocks and to visualise the locations of the Māori land blocks. There are four key aspects to understand about the map.

Land block information pages

Once you have selected a land block to view in more detail a new page will load that contains a range of information about the physical characteristics, constraints and potential of the Māori land block. The information about the land block is split into four sections:

Each of the images provides a description or more detailed information when the mouse cursor hovers over the image. Additional technical information about the attribute is provided via the “Learn More...” link at the bottom of each section.

Understanding the Scientific and Technical Concepts

For more information about the information used in the portal please visit our glossary page.

A more detailed description of the information can be found on our overview of the scientific and technical concepts used in this website.

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